Dahabshil is the fast, flexible and low-cost online money transfer service for sending money to Ethiopia. With cutting-edge technology and secure payment protection, we’re your trusted online remittance solution.

How to transfer money to Ethiopia

Sending money to Ethiopia is simple with Dahabshil. Our user-friendly online platform and money transfer app enables you to make transfers in minutes with no hidden charges or frustrating delays. Whether you’re sending money to a bank account, a cash pick-up location or using your digital wallet, we’ve got you covered.

Multi currency money transfer

Create an eWallet for super-fast transfers

Dahabshil offers an eWallet feature to make quick and easy transfers on the go.

Digital currency wallets are really convenient, especially for mobile transfers. Just add your chosen card details, and they’ll be stored securely so that you can send money to friends and family back home instantly, from wherever you are.

Want to send money on the go? Download the Dahabshil app!

Need a money transfer app for sending money to Ethiopia? With Dahabshil’s user-friendly mobile app, you can transfer money to Ethiopia to bank accounts, cash pickup locations, and mobile to mobile.

Want to send money on the go? Download the Dahabshil app via iTunes or the Play Store.

  • Send money and track your transfers on the go, with the Dahabshil app. Our easy-to-use app enables users to make money transfers in just a few taps!

  • Also, our mobile app offers an awesome free instant chat service, so you connect with friends and family. Invite people directly from the app, and you can chat and make video calls at home or on the move.

How to receive money

Ethiopia cash money transfer

Online money transfers to banks in Ethiopia

Do you want to send money to bank accounts in Ethiopia online, via your credit card or debit card? Dahabshil works with Ethiopian banks, right across the country, to deliver quick and secure money transfers from abroad.

Transfer money to Ethiopia to the following banks:

  • Abby Bank
  • Addis Bank
  • Addis International Bank S.C.
  • Awash International Bank
  • Birhan Bank
  • Abbysinia Bank
  • Buna Bank
  • Construction and Business Bank
  • DSB
  • Enat Bank
  • Nib International Bank
  • Orointbank
  • Union National Bank
  • Wegagen

Sending money to Ethiopia for cash pickup

Dahabshil enables users to send money to banks in Ethiopia for cash pickup. If your family and friends back home in Ethiopia prefer to receive money as cash, you can transfer funds to any Dahabshiil branch across the country or to banks from the list above.

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Send, save and chat with Dahabshil

Dahabshil offers low-cost money transfers abroad, quick and secure delivery, and an instant chat service – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Low-cost transfers

Get the best exchange rates & low transfer fees. There are no hidden costs – you can calculate your transfers instantly with our Quick Quote feature!

  • No hidden fees
  • Low-cost money transfers
  • Get an instant Quick Quote

Secure delivery

Your money is in safe hands. Dahabshil is powered by Dahabshiil and we offer the most secure service possible. We even offer a money-back guarantee!

  • Safe & secure
  • FCA regulated
  • Money-back guarantee

Fast service

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to fulfil transfers immediately. So, there are no delays for recipients – peace of mind for friends and family!

  • Fast and easy service
  • Instant transfers and receipts
  • Mobile and eWallet payments

Instant chat

Dahabshil also offers an instant chat service within our mobile app, which means you can connect and chat with friends, family and other users, without having to leave the app!

  • Instant chat and video calls
  • Invite your contacts and connect with friends and family
  • The easy way to let people know money is on its way

Get the best exchange rates for online money transfers to Ethiopia

Dahabshil provides users with the best exchange rates and low-cost fees on your money transfers to Ethiopia. Our fees are lower than the majority of banks and remittance agents, saving you money, as well as time.

We strive to get you the best exchange rates when transferring from Pound Sterling (GBP), and other currencies, to Ethiopian Birr (ETB).

Trusted money transfer

Secure money transfers you can trust

Dahabshil is FCA regulated and fully verified. Your money transfers are protected and secure, thanks to our industry-leading technology, giving you peace of mind when sending money to friends and family abroad.